The National Ground Water Association (NGWA), a nonprofit trade and professional society, operates a voluntary certification program that establishes standards for professional competency. The NGWA Well Construction and Pump Installation Certification Program, which started in 1970, is the only national certification program for contractors and pump installers in the ground water industry. It is recognized as the leading program in the industry by numerous state agencies, which have adopted the tests as an integral part of their own programs.

To achieve NGWA certification, contractors must pass exams testing their technical knowledge, and they must have at least twenty-four consecutive months of full-time ground water contracting experience. They maintain their certification by obtaining continuing education credits annually.

NGWA certification designations include:

  • Certified Well Driller (CWD) – Encompasses general industry knowledge, as well as practice and expertise in at least one drilling method
  • Certified Pump Installer (CPI) – Encompasses general industry knowledge and practice and expertise in water systems.
  • Master Groundwater Contractor (MGWC) – Demonstrates a high level of competency in both drilling operations and water systems.

All NGWA Certified and NGWA Member contractors are listed in the Contractor Lookup. NGWA Certified contractors have their certification degree entered as the first line of their listing.

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