After the well has been constructed and before the contractor removes his equipment from the site, you should inspect the well. This can be done with the well contractor, driller, contractor’s representative present and assisting. A quality well contractor will be glad to go over all this with you.

Here is a list of items to check:

  • Well Depth: Easily done by tying a weight on a tape. Or use contractor’s tape, or well video if offered and provided (recommended, probably an additional cost). Compare to the well construction report.
  • Well yield: Ask how many gallons per minute (gpm) the well tested, what distance the water level dropped, and how quickly the level recovered. Ask for a report if not part of the Well construction report.
  • Well cap: Make sure the well is capped, secure, and the cap is at least 6 inches (or state’s requirements — usually more than 6 inches) above ground level.
  • Disinfection: Ask whether the well was disinfected.
  • If a pump and connection to water system is installed:
    • Obtain the pump’s motor and pump end information including their ratings and serial numbers, and see that they match up to the well’s performance characteristics. Get warranty information.
    • Get characteristics of well pump discharge pipe and cable and make sure they match up to the pump’s requirements, and what you were quoted, if that still applies (well yield may vary from estimates).
    • If a pitless adapter or well seal is installed, that it meets state requirements. Get a copy of product information. See that these are water tight before water lines are buried. With the well cap on a well equipped with a submersible pump, see that power conduits, and other inserts such as pump controllers, are sealed tightly into the cap and the cap is vented.
    • Pressure system and control components are appropriate to the well and pump, installed with good craftsmanship, and inspected if that is required. Have the contractor demonstrate function. Get all product paperwork.
  • Well construction report or record (well log): Get your copy of the well record. The contractor is required to deliver a copy of the record to the owner. This may wait until the contractor completes the formal form or enters it into a computerized state record, but do get a copy. Typically, this is the record supplied to state authorities. We advise you to keep your well record with your house deed for future owners.
  • If the contractor is in charge of sampling and delivering water quality samples: Copy of chain of custody, and copy of reports when provided by the lab. Some explanation is helpful if you do not understand the results. Finally, make sure that necessary permits have been obtained and your water supply is in compliance with legal requirements.

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